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 2023年8月2日 UP| OTHERS

Hotel guests can use the hotel’s fitness gym free of charge.

Hotel guests can use the gym free of charge.

From 2023/4, customers staying at SAN GRAN HOTEL will be on the 5th floor (front desk 4th floor) of our hotel
You can now use the attached fitness gym “SAN GRAN FIT” for free.
In addition to a wide range of machines, use of the pool is also free. Please use it for exercise and training during your stay.

Simple written procedure are required when using a fitness gym or pool.
If you would like to use it, please feel free to contact the front desk staff.

※There are also some paid services. Please check below for details.
※Can be used by high school students and above

The photo shows the free weight area. Other popular machines are also available!

It is fully equipped with a free weight area and
a variety of training machines!

SAN GRAN FIT is a fitness gym equipped with a full free weight area and a variety of training machines.
(SAN GRAN FIT detailsHere

Domestic manufacturers have been selected for all free weight equipment, including BULL. The black interior, where you can concentrate on training, is also popular, and has received high praise among fitness gyms in Sapporo city.

A dedicated walking course is also available, and it is recommended to use it in combination with a sauna.

You can also use the pool,
which was newly opened in January 2023, for free.

In addition to the two 25m and 15m pools, it also has a jacuzzi. There is also a dedicated walking course, so it's recommended for those who want to walk without swimming.

Also, of course, you can relax in the jacuzzi after weight training, and for those who don't train, we also recommend using it in combination with a sauna to “get fit.”
※A swimming cap and goggles are required.

Various classes such as yoga and zumba are being held.

It is also possible to take a variety of classes and lessons if you make a reservation in advance.(※Reservation required, some charges apply)

SAN GRAN FIT offers a variety of classes and lessons every day from experienced instructors.
(The schedule isHere

Each class and lesson has a limit on the number of people, so advance reservations are required. If you would like to take or participate during your stay, please contact the hotel front desk in advance.

Who is eligible for the free service
All guests staying at SAN GRAN HOTEL
(Regardless of the reservation site, all hotel guests are eligible for free.)
※Available for ages 15 and up
Available hours
(Limited to hotel guests)
weekdays 6:00~9:00、10:00~22:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 6:00~9:00、10:00~20:00
【Pool only】
weekdays 10:00~22:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00~17:00
Services you can use for free

Hotel guests can use the following services free of charge.

・Use the free weight area
・Use of the pool
・Sauna use
・Yoga class(Reservation required)
・Use lockers

Services that can be used for a fee

The following services are offered for a fee.
(Prices listed include tax.)

・Rental shoes and clothing(330 yen for a set)
・Swimsuit & swim cap & goggles(330 yen for a set)
・Personal training(4,000 yen〜)
・Semi-personal(1,500 yen)
・Pilates reformer(6,000 yen)

Services that require advance reservation

Advance reservations are required for the following services.
The schedule of classes and lessons isHerePlease check it out.

・Personal training
・Pilates reformer
・Yoga class
・Other programs and lessons